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FOSSHAPE® 300 - Thermoplastic  (Price per 1 metre)

FOSSHAPE® 300 - Thermoplastic (Price per 1 metre)

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Often called the "buckram replacement", this unique felt-like fabric (45" wide or 114.3 cm) is heat activated to achieve rigidity, stiffness and surface enhancement without the use of water, messy or hazardous additives.  Synthetic FOSSHAPE® can easily be cut with scissors, will not fray like conventional woven fabrics and can be readily sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener or shaped into stand alone structures. Mildew resistant and dye-able as well.  Applications include: costuming, lightweight crafted reinforcement, theater props and set design, craft-work, puppetry, millinery headpieces, masks, sculptures, museum mount making and more.  Versatile FOSSHAPE® 300 is lighter in weight  and thinner than FOSSHAPE® 600 for lighter weight needs and more intricate design efforts.  With heat and pressure from a steam iron, two layers of  the 300 grade can be combined or bonded to approximate one layer of FOSSHAPE® 600.